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    “Cutting Edge” is Air Chief Marshal M Anwar Shamim’s account of experiences in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He writes from the vantage point of a former head of the service. The interesting aspect is that the account coincides with the emergence of Pakistan on world map as an independent entity. This makes the author’s story synonymous with the development of the nascent state. PAF is one national institution that can rightly claim an unblemished past, present and future. The author gives credit to the founding fathers for their visionary leadership and highlights the contributions of all key players who were instrumental in shaping the destiny of the aerial defenders. It is a story as much of equipment as it is of people; rather it presents a blending of the two. The author takes pride where pride is due but without any rancour or ill feeling. Herein we get to know ACM Shamim as a man and as a professional officer. Anecdotal in structure, the narrative is full of facts and we have a book available for consultation and study. It is a must-read for all.
    ISBN: 9789694025407
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    Subtitle: A Former Air Chief’s Reminiscences of a Developing Air Force
    Author: Air Chief Marshal M. Anwar Shamim (Retd)