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    ISBN: 9780415576734
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
    Author: ALI RIAZ


    An ever-expanding body of literature continues to concentrate on the supposed role the madrassah, or religious school, plays in threatening international security. Even though none of the 9/11 attackers studied in such schools, they are alleged to be incubators of militants in Pakistan and the region. In The Madrassah Challenge, C. Christine Fair explores the true significance of the madrassah and its role in Pakistan’s educational system.

    In her rigorous analysis, Fair examines the number of these schools in Pakistan, their share of the educational market, the curriculum, socioeconomic background of the students and the connections between the madrassah schools and militancy. Fair chronicles the Pakistan government’s efforts to reform the madrassah system and the support in Pakistan for such reform. She offers important policy implications and suggestions for policy initiatives that might address some of the main concerns emanating from ostensible ties between education and security inside and outside Pakistan.

    Drawing upon extensive interviews with madrassah officials, teachers and students in Pakistan, discussions with international government and nongovernmental analysts, and numerous survey data and opinion polls, Fair makes a comprehensive, rich, and timely contribution that helps separate fact from fiction.
    ISBN: 9789694025209
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    Subtitle: Miltancy and Religious Education in Pakistan
    Author: C. Christine Fair