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    For nearly four thousand years the wisdom of Judaism has supported its people through exile and suffering, good times and bad. Founded on the universal principles of justice, integrity and righteousness, its message is as relevant today as ever, and has much to offer all members of the global community, regardless of race or creed. Contained within this beautiful little book are some of the most profound and pertinent extracts from Jewish writing. Addressing a multitude of timeless themes, from the nature of God to family life, the passages are drawn not only from the scriptures, but also from the work of great Jewish thinkers ancient and modern, male and female. For solace, for inspiration, or simply for browsing through at moments of quiet, this exquisite anthology will be treasured by readers as a source of perpetual wisdom.
    ISBN: 1851682287
    Publisher: ONE WORLD
    Author: DANIEL C. COHN-

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