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    Nuclear arms control and non-proliferation is a complex subject of immense and abiding global concern for nation states, non-state actors, citizen groups and, not the least, individual citizens. Their concern is from the view point of acquiring first hand knowledge of deliberations involving the United Nations as well as nation states, as also from the. perspective of research, referral, critical examination and commentary by interested parties and individuals

    The Encyclopaedia provides its readers a very comprehensive, one stop, turn key and integrated service by covering the entire gamut of nuclear arms, their proliferation and non-proliferation, nuclear accidents and their management, a holistic view on disarmament, nuclear weapon free zones, ballistic missiles, strategic arms limitation including strategic offensive reductions of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as also the enormously important and path breaking U.S-India Nuclear Deal which is now being processed. Included too are a bouquet of deliberations on nuclear disarmament and connected issues involving international and regional organizations, NGO’s, Associations, Networks and Foundations.

    This Encyclopaedia covers a wide ranging span of interests – listing of Acronyms, a Chronology of nuclear and related events and landmarks and a detailed Bibliography to facilitate further reading and research. A brief Index at the end allows quick access to important issues covered in the text. Readers and researchers will also find comprehensive details of the recently concluded U.S-India Civil Nuclear Deal which bring out clearly the perceptions of both State Parties on the issue.

    The Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation meets the aspirations of all segments of public and private stake holders who are interested in the subject.
    ISBN: 818274251X
    Publisher: PENTAGON PRESS
    Author: MAJ GEN R.S.MET