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    Conflict in Afghanistan provides a timely discussion of the concept of asymmetric warfare which has become one of the main issues of the day in the wake of the attacks of 9/11 and the ensuing invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Broadly speaking this describes a means of fighting where comparatively weak belligerents have been able to exploit successfully the vulnerabilities of their more powerful and sophisticated opponents. Two recent examples have been the Vietnam and the Soviet-Afghan wars, but the historical roots of the concept lie deeper, particularly in Afghanistan.

    Conflict in Afghanistan, laying emphasis on contemporary documents and drawing on material from Soviet archives, centres on wars conducted in Afghanistan which have been of the asymmetric variety.

    Subjects examined include:

    • Five wars conducted in Afghanistan by an extemal invader over the past two centuries

    • The decisions and actions of politicians and the military involved in the wars in question

    • The successes and failures of diplomatic endeavours during the wars

    This book is essential reading for those who have research interests in Asian studies, military studies and current affairs.
    ISBN: 0415341604
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
    Author: MARTIN EWANS


    ISBN: 0700714111
    Author: MARTIN EWANS

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    This book follows a generally linear historical form. It starts with an account of the country and its people, and then describes and analyses its history, with particular reference to its relations with neighbouring powers and its dominant internal theme, the ongoing struggle between its rulers and tribal society. Attention is paid to the growing dichotomy during the twentieth century between an increasingly sophisticated urban elite and the traditional countryside, and its culmination in the communist coup and Soviet invasion. This is followed by an analysis of the reasons for the Soviet withdrawal and the subsequent civil war.

    ISBN: 9694024323
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    Subtitle: A NEW HISTORY
    Author: MARTIN EWANS