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  • CIA

    Of all the world’s secret agencies, the work of the CIA is perhaps the most intriguing, not least because they command such power. But what goes on behind closed doors? What plots have they been involved in during their chequered history? In the current climate of terrorism post-September 11th an examination of the working mechanism of the CIA has never been more valid. CIA explores and assesses some of the most covert operations in the history of America’s Central Intelligence Agency, and takes a critical look at its most closely guarded secrets. The book also sifts through the mountain of allegations and web of half-truths behind the assassinations, mini-wars, botched experiments and political intrigues for which the Agency has been blamed, including: the plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, their pursuit of Che Guevara, their involvement in the testing of mind-altering drugs, the Kennedy assassination, the New World Order, and, more recently, their failed bid to thwart the catastrophic attacks on New York City and the Pentagon in September 2001.
    ISBN: 1844110133
    Author: MICK FARREN