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    Aliki Findley is half-English, quarter-Irish and a quarter Greek. She is on a white ship sailing through the Aegean Sea and beyond, on a journey to what she believes is her ancient past: the Minoan civilisation of Crete, 3000 BC. On the voyage, she allows the great ship to lead her from her twenty-first century persona into a visionary confrontation of the ancient and modern worlds. From the present into the past and back to the catalytic realisation that what is actually here, now, is more beautiful and exciting that her thoughts and fantasies had ever conjured up. Finally, it is the eccentric captain and the lively atmosphere created by her fellow passengers on the ship that manage to rescue Aliki from her make-believe refuge and bring about her awakening. In Double Vision, Pauline Neville skilfully transports us into her heroine’s colourful and enchanting fantasy world and introduces us to an ancient and proud civilisation.
    ISBN: 0863563600
    Publisher: SAQI BOOKS