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    An illustrated anthology offering words of wisdom from the Zen tradition, arranged in thematic categories such as “Meditation” and “Living a Zen a life”. The aim of Zen Buddhism is to attain total harmony with the world within and without, to see things as they really are, in all their living wonder. Full of compassion, clarity and a deep love of life, this ancient Eastern tradition continues to inspire and encourage world-wide followers through its philosophy of acceptance and loving kindness. With its emphasis on living life, rather than simply talking about it, Zen is full of practical wisdom, a distillation of which is found within these pages. Offering insight in to everything from meditation and the art of haiku, to the removal of worldly concerns and living a Zen life, this collection draws on a multitude of great thinkers and their teachings, old and new alike.
    ISBN: 1851682813
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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