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    Even though South Asia has had a long and diverse experience of dealing with terrorism, post 9/11 a sense of urgency and seriousness has been reinforced with regard to it at the global level. The focus in this timely volume is on the strategies evolved by the South Asian states in responding to the challenge of terrorism. It is inevitable, however, that while looking at the strategies, essential characteristics of terrorism are also understood and explained as the nature of terrorism faced in each of the South Asian countries has its own specific aspects. The study is divided into two sections. In the first section states have responded to terrorism has been studied carefully. In the second section, some of the comparative aspects of the regional perspective, such as the role of civil societies, consequences of strategies pursued, role of the third parties, and political economy of terrorism and responding strategies have been taken up for discussion and analysis. There is also a data paper on South Asian terrorism included at the end. Contributors include Ajay Sahni, Samina Ahmed, Abdul Kalam, Ayesha Siddiqa, Deepak Thapa among many others.
    ISBN: 8173046719
    Publisher: MANOHAR
    Author: S.D. MUNI