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    Since the restoration of parliamentary democracy in 1988, Pakistan has faced continued political instability which has impacted adversely on economic continuity and development strategy. By 1993, however, economic management became an important issue as Pakistan’s economic growth began showing signs of fatigue and fiscal deficits started assuming alarming proportions.

    The neglect of the social sector and Pakistan’s lack of diversification in industry and exports also came home to roost. The confluence of these factors, at a time when Pakistan was being dragged into integration with the global economy under the aegis of a structural adjustment programme of the IMF and the World Bank, produced a number of crises which its weak political and economic institutions were unable to bear. The essays in this volume explore the various dimensions of the crises since the latter part of 1993, when the caretaker government was headed by Moeen Qureshi.

    ISBN: 9694023165
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    Author: S. M. NASEEM


    This book is the first major attempt to analyze Pakistan’s experience in economic and social development from the historical perspective. The book looks at the longer term trends in Pakistan’s economy and examines their implications tot social and political changes.

    The book focuses on the fundamental issues of Pakistan’s development experience and puts impressive growth record against the failures of economic policies to remove poverty, re-duce inequality, provide greater employment and effect institutional changes in its agrarian structure. The book clearly recognises the limitations on the possibilities of equitable development imposed not only by the inavailability of resources but also by the historical imperatives of underdevelopment. It nevertheless emphasises the considerable room for manoeuvre that exists for achieving growth without sacrificing the objectives of equity. The book concentrates on issues of economic policy which have so far received scant attention from the policy-makers and planners in Pakistan and points out why this lack of attention has largely negated the achievements in the field of economic growth.

    The book is based on the author’s original research in many of these areas, supplemented by other empirical work available on the subject. The book, without claiming to be comprehensive. provides an overview of the developments Pakistani economy. Apart from analysing issues of macroeconomic and sectoral growth, the book provides original insights into the agrarian structure, regional growth and migration in the context of Pakistan’s economy.

    ISBN: Z1496 – Paperback
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    ISBN: Z1496
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    Author: S. M. NASEEM