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    Losing Arab Hearts and Minds is a riveting insider’s account of how the war behind the war for Iraq was waged. A combination of personal military experience and a comprehensive understanding of the modern media come together to shed new light on this most divisive of wars. It is fascinating to look again at what the press told you at the time from the other side of the military curtain. Tatham has written a gripping first hand account of how the coalition planned, conducted and subsequently managed to lose the media war.’ Hugh Miles, author of Al-Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World

    A timely insider’s account of how the military can lose the war of words.’ Martin Bell, former war correspondent and independent MP

    In 2002-3 Steve Tatham worked alongside the American military in the Gulf coordinating the huge media offensive that preceded and accompanied the invasion of Iraq. He witnessed hoes, in advance of the invasion; the US Administration recognised the need to win over public opinion in the Arab world through a concerted ‘hearts and minds’ campaign. However, as fighting intensified, Tatham, the Royal Navy’s spokesman on the Coalition operation, gradually became aware of how badly the Arab media were treated, in particular the personnel of Al-Jazeera satellite TV, whose Baghdad offices were attacked by tank lire.

    The mounting death toll among both the military and Iraqi civilians and the emerging post-occupation insurgency prompted American media managevirtually to ignore Arab journalists, Focusing instead on a largely acquiesces US press. Moreover the broadcast by the Arab media of images of dead and captive US servicemen led the Bush administration to demonise such channels and accuse them of anti-Western bias.
    ISBN: 1850658110
    Publisher: HURST & CO
    Author: STEVE TATHAM