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    A truly engrossing book whose premise is a hypothetical question, the title of the book If Born Again. The first book of its kind, which attempts to bring together high achievers and inspire people from India and Pakistan the two great nations, struggling to achieve a lasting relationship of trust and peace, even after a long period of seven decades. Fluttering through their childhood fantasies, relating anecdotes from their eventful lives, this book has some truly remarkable quotes from those interviewed. Highly imaginative questions put to these personalities, famous in their world of the human domain that they represent, have resulted in responses, which are very distinctive and heartfelt. The narratives which emerge, if taken together, lead to one message conveyed by all the message of love and harmony.

    ISBN: 9789696374633

    Author: Talat Rahim


    ISBN: 9789696374633
    Publisher: PARAMOUNT BOOKS
    Author: TALAT RAHIM