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This book traces the development of Pakistan’s economy through four decades of the country’s existence. The author describes the four successive decades as Stagnation Decade, Development Decade, Disaster Decade, and Bondage Decade for the economy. While the book discusses developments in all the four decades, the second and fourth decades receive special attention from him. This is because the growth strategies pursued by the military rulers, F.M. Mohd. Ayub Khan in the case of second decade, and General Zia-ul-Haq in the fourth decade were of far reaching consequences. These raised important issues of economic policy and development strategy for a developing country.

In a short period of a little over four decades since independence, Pakistan has moved from the status of an independent sovereign state to a dependency position caused by compulsions of external finance that it needs to run the economy. Its foreign policy has come to be dictated by USA while its economic policies are determined by the conditionalities clauses contained in the IMF agreements for grant of special credit facilities to the country. It is with this story of struggle of a Third World country, that Pakistan is, for rapid economic development and tribulations faced by it in the process That the book deals. The discussions in the book of growth strategies, balance of payments problem, prices and wages, economic inequalities and problem of poverty should he of interest not only to students of economic history of Pakistan but also to the development economists the world over.
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Author: B. M. BHATIA

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B.M. BHATIA, a distinguished social scientist and economist has published about a dozen books and more than 600 articles. He has served on a number of Government Committees and Boards. He was a director of State Bank of India from 1973 to 1984, a member of Central Wage Board, Road Transport Industry; a member of Expenditure Commission Study Group on Finance, Customs, Income Tax and Central Excise and a member of Steering Group of Planning Commission for Policy on PDS for Eighth Plan. He has also served as a consultant with UNO and ECC on Food Security in the former case and Indian Agriculture in the latter case. Dr Bhatia was Principal of Hindu College, University of Delhi for more than two decades.