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    “Islam is the meeting between God as such and man as such . . . Islam confronts what is immutable in God with what is permanent in man.

    These are the opening words of what has become a classic work on Islam, perhaps the most misunderstood of the great Revelation.

    And yet the purpose of this book “is not so much to give a description of Islam as to explain why Moslems believe in it.” Both Westerners unfamiliar with Islam and Moslems seeking a deeper understanding of the basis of faith will be struck by Schuon’s masterful elucidation of the spiritual world of Islam.

    Schuon’s foundation is always the intrinsic nature of things rather than any confessional point of view. This perspective opens up new avenues of approach and surprising insights into the “five pillars” of faith, the Quran, the Sunna, the Prophet and the esoteric dimension which is the kernel of Moslem spirituality. A hallmark of the author’s perspective is an intellectual universality, which in examining a given religious framework readily draws upon parallels and concepts from other traditions, especially the Vedanta. For “what is needed in our time, and indeed in every age remote from the origins of Revelation, is . . . to rediscover the truths written in an eternal script in the very substance of man’s spirit.’
    ISBN: 8178221519
    Publisher: NEW AGE BOOKS


    This highly acclaimed survey provides a thoughtful and concise account of all aspects of Islam in history. Following an appraisal of the study of Islam, Gerhard Endress guides the reader through key elements.

    Religion (including the Revelation of the Prophet Muhammad and the development of doctrine in its historical setting) • Law and the state in medieval Islam • Social and economic aspects of medieval Islam • The historical development of each of the main regions of the Islamic world: Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Spain, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia • The principal trends and major periods of Islamic history

    • The development of Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages • Names and titles • The Muslim

    ISBN: 817822156X
    Publisher: NEW AGE BOOKS