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    ISBN: 0721409431
    Publisher: BLANK
    Subtitle: LASERBEAK’S FURY
    Author: JOHN GRANT


    pposite worlds collide in this supernatural tale of forbidden love and good-versus-evil when 17-year-old Zoe, who is still coping with the death of her father, crosses paths with X, a pale boy of the supernatural variety. Zoe and X’s love affair is doomed from the start, because X is a prisoner from the Lowlands a supernatural, hellish landscape where he acts as a bounty hunter, collecting the souls of bad people on behalf of a mysterious higher power. With her witty dialogue and banter, Zoe is positioned as a funny and likable character, but X doesn’t have enough substance to set him apart from other brooding young men within the genre. In an apparent effort to charm teen readers, the book is brimming with pop-culture and social media references
    ISBN: 9781408897324
    Author: JEFF GILES


    Dark forces are at work at the House of Night and Zoey Redbird’s adventures at the school take a mysterious turn. Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity. Zoey finds herself in the very unexpected and rare situation of having three boyfriends. Mix a little bloodlust into the equation and the situation has the potential to spell social disaster. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any tougher, vampyres start turning up dead. Really dead. It looks like the People of Faith are tired of living side-by-side with vampyres. But, as Zoey and her friends so often find out, how things appear rarely affects the truth…


    ISBN: 9780312360290
    ISBN: 9780312360290
    Publisher: ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN
    Author: P.C. CAST


    ‘A post pandemic story written way before the pandemic. A haunting little book about second chances, last days and human relations that survive the unsurvivable.’ Mohammed Hanif, author of A Case of Exploding Mangoes ‘Any culture’s science fiction is its dream of what its future could be. Now we live in a global culture, and Faraz Talat’s Seventy Four shoots right to the heart of all our current fears and hopes. It’s an intense experience, poignant and memorable.’ Kim Stan Robinson, author of Blue Mars ‘Scientists become saviors in times of plague, but their attempts to exert control over pathogens and politics go awry in Faraz Talat’s science fiction novella Seventy Four. Razia Ntikoladze, eminent scientist and Pakistani emigree, is locked in a race against a deadly new contagion and her own mortality; before she can save the world, she has to escape the colloquium’s merciless eugenics project. A daringly brilliant literary experiment which pits humanity against its own worst enemy—itself.’ Bina Shah, author of Before She Sleeps
    ISBN: 9789697834167
    Publisher: FOLIO BOOKS
    Author: FARAZ TALAT


    In A Piece of the Moon, we visit a world of familial bonds riddled with dreams, unmapped journeys, and divine interventions. Framed together as in a group photograph, each character is given a voice including the author who others himself as Dillan and remains omnipresent. Sitting with them as family members, we share food and listen to charismatic stories with asides from history, politics, World War II, and the partition of India. Within one frame, a collage of many frames breaks the linearity of the narrative. Time overlaps; past and present jostle for a third space; the ordinary becomes extraordinary; simple things assume archetypal shapes; and daily activities morph into parables. Dillan?s journey becomes a voyage into his inner darkness; and his autobiography, the Everman?s story. The camera clicks, and they all move out of the frame and fade slowly into the sepia of time.

    The family tree grows with each chapter. Weathered by the springs of youth, autumnal sorrow of human loss, the tree throngs with birds of memories and the fruits of joy and suffering. And we, under its shade, rest briefly preparing for the next departure.

    A Piece of the Moon is a literary masterpiece. A must read!

    In his magnum opus, A Piece of the Moon, Mushir Anwar paints a lush landscape of the subcontinent?s culture and traditions. His exquisite storytelling, suffused with his trademark whimsy, is the perfect foil for the questing philosophical ruminations that thread through the narrative. At the heart of this novel is a teeming familial setup of singular characters who mirror the interconnectedness and fracturing of pre-Partition Hindustan and post-Partition Pakistan. Anwar renders a bygone era with remarkable precision that imparts immediacy and invites immersion. Through family vignettes, we are brought to spaces of kinship and solitariness. His reflections on love, loss, the nature of the Divine itself make for transcendental prose-the reader ever-aware of how transitory and ephemeral our times are and how vital the treasury of memory.

    Author: MUSHIR ANWAR

    ISBN: 9789697834532
    ISBN: 9789697834532
    Publisher: FOLIO BOOKS
    Author: MUSHIR ANWAR


    In the 1760s a group of amateur experimenters met and made friends in the English Midlands. Most came from humble families, all lived far from the center of things, but they were young and their optimism was boundless: together they would change the world. Among them were the ambitious toymaker Matthew Boulton and his partner James Watt, of steam-engine fame; the potter Josiah Wedgwood; the larger-than-life Erasmus Darwin, physician, poet, inventor, and theorist of evolution (a forerunner of his grandson Charles). Later came Joseph Priestley, discoverer of oxygen and fighting radical.

    With a small band of allies they formed the Lunar Society of Birmingham (so called because it met at each full moon) and kick-started the Industrial Revolution. Blending science, art, and commerce, the Lunar Men built canals; launched balloons; named plants, gases, and minerals; changed the face of England and the china in its drawing rooms; and plotted to revolutionize its soul.

    Uglow’s vivid, exhilarating account uncovers the friendships, political passions, love affairs, and love of knowledge (and power) that drove these extraordinary men. It echoes to the thud of pistons and the wheeze and snort of engines and brings to life the tradesmen, artisans, and tycoons who shaped and fired the modern age.
    ISBN: 0374194408
    Publisher: FARRAR
    Author: JENNY UGLOW


    Mefisto, a brilliant modern-day retelling of the Faust legend, explores the relations between science and the real world, and between the scientist and the human cost of his explorations. Gabriel Swan, a maths prodigy obsessed with the idea of order, becomes involved with the mesmerising trio formed by sad, obese Mr. Kasperl, who is like someone “from a country where no one else lived”; lovely, mute Sophie; and the Mephistophelian Felix, whose appearances always foretoken disaster. In an abandoned mansion, their changing relations, and Gabriel’s quest for a “formula that will reduce the disorder of common things to an equation,” slowly and inevitably land him in his own private season in Hell.
    ISBN: 1567920977
    Subtitle: A NOVEL

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    Author: Jules Verne

    ISBN: 0706981634
    ISBN: 0706981634
    Author: JULES VERNE